Beer Prices:
Flight of all beers on tap....$7
$3 pints Monday-Thursday from 4PM-6PM

64oz growler fill..................$10/$11
32oz growler fill..................$6

    Meet the regulars

  • David Hasselheffe - 5.4% ABV
    This is a light drinking, refreshing hefeweizen unlike you've ever had before. Only once in a blue moon (or any time you come here), will you partake in a beer that so damn good that it's called "The Hoff". We top it off with a slice of orange to accentuate the awesomeness. Don't Hassle the Hoff.

  • June Bug Summer Ale - 4.7% ABV
    Although this beer is intended for the hot days of summer, it is so damned good that we had to offer it year round. This beer has a nice citrusy finish and a little bite to it. Very refreshing on a balmy Septembruary day…

  • Year Two IPA - 6.6% ABV
    Now that we are two years old we decided our IPA needed an update. Take the Year One IPA and make it better and you have the Year Two IPA. People ask us "What does Year Two mean?" To that we answer, "What doesn't it mean?"

  • AFD Red - 5.4% ABV
    After struggling to find a name for our red, we felt it was fitting to name it after big red fire trucks and the people who drive them. A crisp, yet smooth red made from various caramel malts.

  • The Incident Black IPA - 7.2% ABV
    We can't tell you what "The Incident" was, but we can tell you that many years later, it provided a great name for this beer! A strong, hoppy IPA with just enough Black Patent grain to give it a great color.

  • Mulligan Stout - 5.7% ABV
    Have you ever had a Guinness? This tastes nothing like that. This stout utilizes a chocolate malt and super secret hops raised by goats. The first batch left something to be desired so we took a mulligan with full faith and confidence that the second batch would be epic. It was. Wait…maybe we should take a mulligan on this description??
  • Seasonal Beers

  • Stinky Pinky Grapefruit Heffe - 5.3% ABV
    We take our heffeweizen recipe and add fresh grapefruit juice after fermentation. It gives this beer a delicious grapefruit flavor and aroma. We top it off with a slice of grapefruit to garnish it. A most excellent beer to start the summer.

  • DADU Honey Wheat Ale - 8.2% ABV
    DADU is like a beer meets mead (honey wine). We use a whole bunch of honey in our recipe which gives it a great sweetness and a high alcohol content.

  • Vienna Saaz-age - 5.5% ABV
    This is a SMASH beer, meaning Single Malt And Single Hop. We used only Vienna malt and Saaz hops in this ale. It is slightly malty with a light biscuit note. It has a mild, earthy and spicy hop profile.

  • Triad IPA - 6.6% ABV
    A bigger, hoppier IPA than we usually make. We use a blend of three hops and finish it by dry hopping it with copious amounts of hops giving it a strong hoppy aroma and flavor.

  • Coming Soon…